Stream These Underseen Horror Movies on aha: Petromax, Jessie

Stream These Underseen Horror Movies on aha: Petromax, Jessie


Jessie and Petromax are south indian loathsomeness spine chiller films. You would consistently play at parties. You will kick the bucket to watch these films on the web. These motion pictures are amazingly frightfulness with a touch of fun, satire. In the event that you like blood and gore flicks these films are the most ideal decision whenever. Not exactly at the parties these motion pictures can be at a family get together. It’s a film which can be viewed with loved ones with no age limit. The touch of fun and sentiment is an extra to these motion pictures. Movies on aha are in a real sense stunning. Free movies online are extremely exciting and occurring so watch them.


Petromax is the narrative of 4 individuals. Saravaran offers 4 individuals to stay in the house for a long time in the creepy house for money to exhibit that the house is shielded from wicked spirits. In any case, those 4 people experience the evil impacts of the authentic ghosts in the most comedic and redirecting way. After some wonderful stories with all people and spirits in the house, they will turn out to be more familiar with a flashback story of saravanan. Saravanan is a valuable offspring of Vijay karupaatti and kamala. Suravanan leaves for Malaysia on work and Kamala graspsmeera. Saravaran demands that his family sell the house in the past for some money yet his family won’t recognize the offer, so he means to execute them from hurt. See the full film to know its completion and appreciate the fun and spine chiller.

The story pivots around 4 people who go to an abandoned house to investigate paranormal activities that were rumored around the spot. They went there to reveal the mystery of two sisters Jessie and Amy yet as they proceed with their assessment in that abandoned house, they notice some lead changes in the second sister Amy that just monsters them out into examining reality. The conclusion will be totally abrupt from your craving and will give you enough chills.

For what reason to Watch Petromax:

  • To see the best presentation of Thamana, she was euphoric to the eyes on the big screen.
  • The ruler of the film is the story, an extreme story which was changed.
  • BGM and music seems like you lived in the film. It gives you an insane buzz.
  • Despite the fact that the film was changed, the points of interest were looked after well.

For what reason to Watch Jessie:

  • Film was composed well. It’s extremely shocking and gives you goosebumps constantly.
  • Cinematography of the film is good to put at the edge of the seat.
  • Characters are made to be extremely shocking

Cast OfPetromax:

Starring: Thamana Bhatia

Director: RohinVenkatesan

Producer: A. Kumar

Music Director: Ghibran

Cinematographer: Dani Raymond

Cast Of Jessie:

Starring: Atul Kulkarni, AshimaNarwal, SrithaChandana

Director: Aswani Kumar V.

Producer: Shweta Singh

Music Director: SricharanPakala

Cinematographer: Sunil Kumar N.

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