Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card – Simple Choice is the Best Choice

Summary: The time of cash is out! Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card is the smart choice for shopper of today because its compact, safe and easy to use.

Are you confused about which prepaid gift card to choose? The choice of prepaid gift card options is so wide that it can overwhelm anyone. In such a scenario, it is best to choose a classic option that is time tested and proven to work easily and effectively. Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card is one such fixed denomination prepaid card which comes with zero complication approach. It works like a simple debit card, with only difference being that it is not tied to a bank account and can therefore be only used for the fixed amount loaded when card was bought. It keeps your back account and credit card safe.

Vanilla Visa Prepaid card

How to get the card:

A prepaid gift card must be purchased in cash or through other payment mode. You can get the card online or in a shop or mall. The card will cost you its face value (the amount that is loaded in the card) and a small processing fee. In most cases the fee is fixed but some sellers might charge a percentage of face value as processing fee.

If going for large amount prepaid cards, best choice is to go for fixed processing fee cards. Percentage cards can work out to be very expensive. It is strongly recommended to track the prepaid gift card prices for some time because vendors might run promotions of processing fee discounts occasionally. Some prepaid gift card sellers also completely waive off prepaid card processing markup and sell you Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card at its face value. This is a very good deal and is often available during holidays and shopping seasons like Back to School and Black Fridays.

Keep track of card balance:

As this is a prepaid card, it is important to keep track of card balance available. You can register your prepaid card online for balance tracking. You can also subscribe for balance update alerts through email or text message on your mobile phone. You can also call the customer care number mentioned on the card and check your balance.

Prepaid Card vs Cash: 

Prepaid gift card is always and every time a better choice than cash. It is easier to handle and keep in wallet. Unlike cash, it is very easy to track and block if lost or stolen. Cash on the other hand if lost or stolen is near always unrecoverable simply because it is impossible to track it. Besides, if you are someone who tends to forget money in their pockets, prepaid card is plastic and waterproof. Even a good tumble wash will not do any damage to the card, but your greenbacks might not always survive the trip to laundry.

Prepaid gift cards are the smart choice for modern day shopper and gift giver.